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Before Resale, Move Your Laundry Room and Get More Space In Your Garage

July 15, 2014 by Lois Szydlowski

Get your laundry out of the garage.  You may be used to doing your laundry in a hot, messy, dreary garage but your next buyer will not be looking forward to it. Give yourself a break and find a 3 x 3 foot space An image of a extremely organized garagenear the kitchen or a bathroom. Minimizing any further plumbing work, it will cost less than $3000 to stack 2 front loading units within a closet or corner.  And with that extra space in the garage, stack cabinets and storage units in its place and create space for your cars in the garage.

While many people in Tampa Bay use their garage only for storage (since we don’t have basements), don’t do it.  Show a full 2 car garage + great storage and you are showing your next buyers that you they will have plenty of storage for them.  And if your garage is spotless and organized, that would be an extra bonus.  If you are packing, put things in storage rather than throwing everything in the garage..