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Before You Sell, Add Some Storage

September 10, 2014 by Lois Szydlowski

You may be used to not having enough storage or living with your closets and garage bulging with stuff. Look around your home and see where you could add an extra closet: under the stairs, in the garage, unused space in your lanai? For less than $2000, you can build one within your home without tearing down walls.

Window Seat Bookend By Closets
Window bench with pillowws and storageIf you have a bedroom with a window in the center of the wall, you could install a closet on both sides and then build a window seat between them, creating a cozy nook that your next buyer will love and have extra storage to boot. You could even keep the closet shelves open and create a real reading nook around the window seat. No window? Just build out the wall and create a floor to ceiling closet with some open and some closed shelves, drawers etc. Paint it the same color of the walls and it will fade within the room. Paint it in contrasting colors and make it a showpiece your next buyers will admire.

Closet Space Under The Stairs
Many homes already have space cut out under the stairs but don’t make it fully functional. Install a bar for hanging clothes, shoe bags and sweater boxes. Store items in cabinets on wheels, so they can be rolled out when needed and easily moved within the storage space. This would be a great space for change of weather clothes, sporting equipment, rarely used kitchen equipment or that extra set of china and glassware only used for company..