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Still Using a Search Engine to Find a Home in Tampa?

May 2, 2014 by Lois Szydlowski

I understand if you are new to the Tampa Bay Real Estate Market and have not been educated by another Realtor to understand how the buying and selling of Real Estate works in today’s Internet world.  I too was uneducated until I became a Realtor (back when computers didn’t exist!) and open houses were the only way to actually see a home.  Back then, things were slower and we all have time to go drive around (when gas was much cheaper) and view several open houses on a Sunday and hope to find the perfect home.  My how times have changed.  If you haven’t heard this lately, let me repeat–Everything is on the Internet–All Real Estate–All homes listed for sale or those sold can be found on the Internet.

Tony Tropical PropertyThe days of driving around neighborhoods (good still to get a feel of the neighborhood and determine if you want to live there, which I highly recommend) to find homes for sale are over—good homes go quickly and are first seen on the Internet.  ANOTHER INSIDER TIP: You don’t need to spend all your valuable time searching all over the Internet to find a home–that has even become obsolete because most of the sites you will be visiting will have old data—did you hear that?….Sites like Zillow, Trulia, Movoto etc. get Tampa Bay Real Estate data AFTER the MLS (which is for Realtors)–which by the way, if you are getting listings from me sent directly to your email, you are receiving the most accurate and current data for available homes for sale out there. ALL HOME FOR SALE LISTINGS START WITH THE MLS….and then get syndicated out there to the Internet. And you will find all the information you need about that home listed right there on the listing sheet from the MLS. So, my next question is:  Why would anyone use a basic search engine like Google, Yahoo etc to find homes unless?

  • It was really fast to download
  • It listed all the homes available
  • It allowed you to detail your specific search
  • It didn’t make you sign up with any specific agent
  • You have nothing better to do with your time

I am a Tampa Bay Realtor and find myself getting enormously frustrated and impatient by the multitude of Real Estate sites out there, giving me more information than I want and not all the information I do want.  This doesn’t make sense to me because all this extra searching takes more time, more clicking and I thought the internet was all about saving time?  I find sites that have Monopoly® pieces clutter and confuse me and if I happen to click on the wrong piece—I am redirected somewhere I don’t want to be and then there is getting back to the original map…on and on and on. Am I the only one that gets caught with the hour glass spinning on and on waiting for these huge pages to download because the site has so much advertising on it!

Being a Tampa Bay Realtor, I know that all of this chaos and time waste can be eliminated if, you as a buyer, would just register with me or your Realtor of choice and, low and behold, all the homes that meet your criteria, in the areas you want to live and in the price range you want, will come to your email on a daily basis automatically! Imagine that. One call or email from you, giving me your primary information of home search interest, can simplify your life and allow me to do what I do best, which is find you the home you want. This frees you up to do what you do best. There is no charge for this. We are always paid by the seller of the property you finally decide to purchase, so you have nothing to lose. While I am not a librarian or a chauffeur and only get paid when you do purchase, I only show homes to qualified buyers, who are ready financially to purchase a home. However, if you are not at that point yet, and don’t have a trusted bank or mortgage broker to contact to get qualified to purchase a home, I can have someone that is trustworthy, experienced and honest call you to make this happen. I do not work or refer anyone to someone who is not.

Now all this being said, I understand that when some people start out, they are not ready to make a commitment to a Realtor, they do not know or trust, and prefer to do the search themselves by looking all over the web.  Or maybe you are someone who doesn’t want to bother your Realtor because you want to search outside the parameters to see if you would consider another area or a higher price. My website has an easy to navigate format to set up your automatic searches without even contacting me directly. This is called IDX, which allows you to find the homes you want quickly and have them come to your email directly, without having to jump all over the Internet. ALL HOMES THAT ARE AVAILABLE and THAT MEET YOUR CRITERIA, ARE LISTED HERE. Just go to: Search for Homes on my website and start searching for your dream home.

Now once you have more questions about specific homes, neighborhoods, taxes, etc, please contact me directly with no obligation. I can send you homes directly from the MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE (MLS) where all home listings start. These also will also come to you immediately to your email and you can let me know when you see a home you want to look at in person before someone else purchases it. This is by far, the most efficient way to search for a home in today’s Internet world.

  1. You will not miss out on any good deals that go fast.
  2. You will not waste your time searching all over the internet.
  3. You will save time and gas by not driving around to visit neighborhood listings or open houses.
  4. You will not have to make phone calls from Realtor signs in front of properties only to find the home is already under contract.


Give me a call or email to sign up for direct to your email, current active homes for sale….Bill Szydlowski, 813-323-4443 or